At Juicy Fruits Ministry 501c3, we believe in the power of helping others. Spiritual Medicine is our online outreach support community to aid people and their families during times of medical diagnosis and life challenges. We are a safe place filled with guidance, camaraderie, and engagement. We want the world to know how we are giving back to humanity, so please join us and share our giving goals boldly. Join a heart of giving spirit of helping us bring kindness to others. Our annual fundraising goal is $10,000. Your gift is 100% tax-deductible donation is given to help our Act of Love grantees for essential and personal needs.

"Sharing the Juice of Life through the Love of Jesus Christ"


The mission of Juicy Fruits Ministry is to encourage spiritual and emotional stability through faith-based inspired mentoring, support group meetings, and personal counsel. Collaborating with other nonprofit organizations to help support families who need assistance, such as food drive donations, first aid supplies, clothing, education, healthy family ministries, recreational programs, and officiating services. We want to help families achieve their short-term and long-term goals in the most efficient way possible.