Juicy Fruits Ministry Pastoral LeadershiPastor Lawrence Rodriguez

Husband of 55 years, Father of 3 adults, Grandfather of 8, and Great Grandfather of 5 children.Graduate of the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Network Communication and Mechanical Engineering Certification, The Cottonwood School of Ministry Certification Program and Christian National Church, Ordained Christian Ministry with a Pastoral Certification. Forty-five years follower of Jesus Christ and began his Ushering Pastoral Leadership and Marriage Counseling services through Victory Outreach, Vineyard Church, and Cottonwood Christian Center. He serves 17 years on Juicy Fruits Ministry’s Pastoral Leadership board of directors with his daughter Yvette Salinas. Forty years survivor of multiple reconstructive surgeries due to crippling spinal Injuries, Diabetes, and recent rupture Appendix. “ALL THROUGH THE GRACE of GOD”

For Pastoral Officiate Services

Biblical Mentoring, Bible Studies, Personal Counsel,

Dedication, Baptism, Bereavement, and Memorial.

Contact Pastor Lawrence Rodriguez via email: [email protected]